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The recent phenomenon of bosses like Qantas’ Alan Joyce, BHP’s Andrew McKenzie and other corporate suits like Paul Scurrah of Virgin, who rarely speak out and prosecute the case on issues within their remit like tax reform and job creation, using their position to be agents of change in an effort to gain validation, affirmation and approval and going full rock star to pander to the cognoscenti and the cocktail circuit, is juvenile, undergraduate and quite frankly embarrassing. Qantas’ Alan Joyce and Virgin’s Paul Scurrah will continue to push social issues


By giving us the benefit of their wisdom and parroting the talking points de jour from the high moral ground on all manner of social, environmental and climate matters they are redolent of the inexperienced swimmers at the beach in summer.


They strut, preen, pose and show off, (virtue signal) and self assuredly and confidently insist on swimming outside the red and yellow flags of their skill, knowledge, fitness and experience, are dragged out to sea by a rip of what they think is popular opinion and community sentiment and find themselves out of their depth and wallowing.