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It’s pretty straight forward.
Climate and the pursuit of the chimera of net zero emissions, euphemistically referred to as a “low carbon economy”, complete with a lower living standard, without first harnessing nuclear to achieve the same result is the pretext for the deliberate, repeat, deliberate, managed decline of the economies of the west.
How else to explain why China, the worlds largest emitter is exempt until 2060 because it is deemed to be a developing nation even though this “developing nation” is as modern and as capitalist and more technologically and militarily advanced than even the US. It’s navy is already larger than the US.
For example, last week it emerged that earlier this year China had tested hitherto before believed impossible, hypersonic missiles that are way ahead of anything the west has developed. That is not the kind of advance you would expect from a “developing nation”.
“…China tested two hypersonic “space nukes” earlier this year that demonstrated technology the United States does not currently possess and is struggling to understand, with claims the weapons appeared “to defy the laws of physics…”
Once the former Western economies have been fully degraded and are running on solar, wind, fairy and unicorn  dust and China is the last man standing, given the absence of anything apart from fossil fuel to keep the lights on for 1.5 billion people, does anyone seriously think for a minute that China will adopt net zero.
In a case of “you and whose army”, which of the former advanced, industrial economic behemoths will force them to comply?
They will by then, be mere husks of their former and formidable military might.
Net result of net zero, China wins……
And many of the angst ridden, pantie waist leaders of the West are too dumb to see or understand that they’re being played for the suckers they are. Others are fully on board with China and like the Biden crime family, fully on the take.
As for big tech and many business and industrial leaders, who have already shipped their industries, jobs (and their emissions by proxy) off shore, they too are all in with China.
To the globalist elite with their global enterprises, where stuff is made is of absolutely no consequence.