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Years ago to better explain to my radio audience, I constructed an analogy to better describe, understand and simplify co2 in the atmosphere. That analogy was represented by $400 as the 400 parts per million of co2.


Given that CO2 = 0.04% of the total global atmosphere (or 400 parts per million) Humans contribute just 3% of that 0.04% and Australia contributes just 1.3% of that 3% of that 0.04%.


Instead of parts per million think of it as dollars:


Total dollars $400 (or ppm) human contribution of the total is 3% or $12. Australia’s contribution of that $12 is 1.3% or just a meagre  $0.156.


Here’s another analogy.


Think of the atmosphere as a total of 100,000 people in a stadium.


Out of that 100,000 people, Co2 is represented by just 40 people or 0.04%. Out of that 40, man-made co2 is represented by just 1.2 people or 3%.


Australia’s contribution is 1.3% of that 3% or 0.00039 of a person.


And we are, trashing the energy grid and the economy on the back of the preposterous notion that renewables can deliver base-load power to drive down that 0.00039 of a person in the stadium.


This way madness lies.