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Art imitating life or more accurately, art reflecting life.  Mustn’t judge say the pusillanimous and spineless, weak minded.

Seriously? What absolute drivel.

The only way a society can function is if we have the guardrails of order, discipline and standards and if we judge, approve, disapprove and chastise others.

Many of us are old enough to remember life and society with self restraint and limitations and now we see life and society without those restraints and limitations. When it comes to car safety for example with advanced braking systems and seatbelts we’ve gone the opposite direction and demonstrably proven that restraints and limitations are a good thing.

These are the self limiting and governing guardrails that keep society from fracturing and Balkanising.

In the words of John Paul II : – “Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought”

Even in the animal kingdom the mother disciplines the young.

It’s the lack of judgment and disapproval and being held to a standard of what is acceptable that is the cause of society unravelling.

And although many won’t admit it, everyone judges everyone else all the time, as they should.

Everyone makes mistakes. But this kind of thing is not a mistake.

It is a deliberate and grotesque act that effects others. In this case the baby. What kind of a household experience and childhood chance has the baby got?

This idea that you mustn’t judge others is just an excuse to cut loose and do what you like. It’s a development that came out of the 1960’s in the form of “Do your own thing” –  “Let it all hang out” – “Go your own way” and Timothy Leary’s famous, “Turn on tune in and drop out” and has been deployed as an excuse for dismantling the guard rails and the blowing up and atomising of society.