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Another cycle death in recent days brings me back to an idea I promulgated years ago in a previous life. All the new rules wont change a thing until the obvious is addressed.

Cyclists, when sharing roads with cars are at a decided disadvantage because they have no idea what’s going on around them or coming up behind them until it’s too late. The onus is 100% on the driver.

It’s counter-intuitive and probably sounds ridiculous to many, but I’ve suggested for many years that cyclists should ride in the bike lane on the opposite side of the road facing the on coming traffic.

My reasoning is simple and straight forward.

If drivers and cyclists are to share the road they also need to share the responsibility and judgement as to distance, speed and overall safety.

In being able to eyeball one another it eliminates the impersonal and the factor of helmeted anonymity because when looking someone in the eye as opposed to the back of their head, they become more human.

As things stand we rely on one set of eyes only, those of the driver, to make judgement calls. Two sets of eyes would be better than one for taking evasive action by either party if and when necessary.