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I was listening to the extended version of the theme from House of Cards (American version) with Kevin Spacey earlier this afternoon.

For those that don’t know the HOC is about the skulduggery, backstabbing fraud and deception in around the White House and the President.

The music combined with the visuals at the opening credits is brilliant. Dark, brooding, haunting and sinister. Lots of long shadows and dark clouds.

It fits this moment. (see the link below)

It’s interesting that there has been no greater advocate for the DEI doctrine than the political left globally and in America specifically the Democrat Party which is now full on socialist and the selection of Kamala Harris as VP was purely on the basis of DEI.

Biden said a month or so before he selected her as his running mate that the sole basis of the selection would be, like so many others in the Biden administration, not one based on merit but on the two key pillars of DEI, woke and identity politics, colour and gender.

Qualifications of experience and ability, that is, merit, was not to be a guiding consideration. It was about affirmative action, quotas and “firsts”

Merit is so, meh. It’s simply not a factor and box ticking mediocrity is paramount.

Now they’re in a bind and hoist on their very own DEI petard (caught in their own trap)

What to do? How can they extricate themselves and climb down?

The short answer is, they can’t. They’re stuck with her. And her polling is worse than his, at 28%.

They wanted the toxic cocktail of the DEI doctrine and woke ideology and selecting Harris for her colour and gender was a virtue signalling marriage of ideological convenience that has turned into a marriage from Dante’s Hell from which there is no escape without being seen as and confirming that both DEI and the adherence to the philosophy is totally transactional and fraudulent. It’s about the politics of division.

If viewed through the prism of Dante’s Inferno, the Democrats are straddled somewhere between the circles of limbo, violence, fraud and treachery and hopefully, about to get totally incinerated.

This entire episode is so rich with irony.

It’s the absolute motherlode and has the feel about it of the Gough Whitlam sacking in 1975 and the subsequent landslide.

After yesterday and Biden’s  Hindenburg and Challenger Space shuttle presser, as Ben Shapiro called it, you get the sense that something big is about to break and in the not to distant future.