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I’m no psychologist but let’s give it a shot.

Its been suggested that with the energy crisis, the population crisis, the debt and deficit crisis, the myriad social and cultural problems confronting the nation and the prospect of boats starting up again if Australia, most probably under a Labor government, signs on to the UN Global Migration Compact that we are confronting the biggest series of crisis out side of war. I disagree. This IS a war.

This is an economic, social and cultural war. A war of a different stripe. This is a war of insiders versus outsiders the cloistered, cosseted Canberra bubble against ordinary Australians.

With electricity affordability, reliability and availability, Canberra has turned its guns on the people.

The one person who can turn this entire thing around if he is of a mind to is Malcolm Turnbull. But he won’t. He is either The Manchurian Candidate on a suicide mission and determined to take the Liberal Party over the cliff or in is own mind he seriously sees himself as a political and parliamentary operator in the Gough Whitlam mould as a crash through or crash kinda guy. In reality, he’s just a crash test dummy.

His strange behaviour has me wondering if Turnbull is not some kind of sociopath or even a psychopath. He seems to delight in backstabbing. In fact he’s a serial backstabber.
He backstabbed former member for Wentworth Peter King, former opposition leader Brendon Nelson and former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.
Now he’s turned his backstabbing skills and his guns on to his fellow Australians.
Why wouldn’t he? He reminds me of the fable of the scorpion and the frog. Regardless of the consequences, it’s what they do
He doesn’t seem to care and in fact just like the scorpion, he seems to delight in ramping up the torture and pain without gain, of higher and higher electricity prices on ordinary Australians like Elaine on 2GB and just like the scorpion, he will drown at the ballot box.