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Can anyone explain how or why the need to weave gender or sexual preferences into this or why it is deliberately a feature of crisis support and flood disaster relief?


What is the shape, form and significance of this “specialised help”?


How is it specialised? Why is it different? Food, clothing and shelter is a pretty easy calculation. What about culture or religion?


Why is everything about sex and how you like it?


I can recall a time when these things in these circumstances or any circumstances were not even a consideration. People affected by a disaster are just people. That’s it. Nothing else comes into it.


It may come as a shock to the diversity consultants and scammers trying to create division in a time of crisis but no one cares.


In these situations, no one is special, they’re just people affected equally along with other people with different preferences.


And why this constant reference to specific identities as “communities”? 


Are we seriously meant to believe that these people of various persuasions, all live in exclusive identity bubbles with a few hundred other like minded types?


That they live in actual self sustaining villages, hamlets or exclusive enclaves locked off from the rest of the world like some latter day Amish or 19th century Mormons that exclude everyone else not of the same persuasion?