With all the noise, static, distraction and preoccupation with goofing off on their schoolie type, big day out, climate strikes under the pretext of a totally confected climate emergency and crisis, complete with the Thunberg inspired lines and hysteria of ‘our house is on fire’, the school kids and their minders totally missed the big picture.

That is, because of the dumbing down and the deliberate destruction of education standards, it is their education ‘house’ and their own academic futures that are an emergency, on fire, in crisis and under an existential threat, not the planet.

Predictably many media pundits, experts and the usual suspects are saying that ‘an entirely new approach is needed’.

Wrong!!! What is needed is an entirely old approach. That is, it’s time to go back to what works and to start culling the curriculum.

Perhaps by junking many of the non core fads, fashions, kite flying and indoctrination programs introduced over the last forty or fifty years, it will free up time for the stuff that matters and makes kids numerate and literate and prepare them for life beyond the school gates.