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The only way for Australia to staunch the bleeding of base-load power generation is for the Federal government to step in today and build several coal fired power plants.

On Federal lands if necessary if the states give any grief.

Everything, literally everything, hinges on energy. Reliable, affordable and deliverable base load energy, 24/7 and you won’t get there with boutique, niche market renewables.

This is a very real and actual looming national emergency.

This lack of curiosity and sense of an emerging crisis is the real existential threat, not the lipbiting, handwringing, weepy, woke politics of climate change.

Everyone can see what’s coming but it seems that only when the lights start to fade and flicker will some Einsteinian genius have their own light bulb moment and suggest we ought to do something by which time it’ll be too late.

You only have to look at what’s going on in Europe right now. Germany has been decommissioning their nuclear power stations for some years and have hooked up to gas from Russia and now that’s all unravelling and Germany faces the prospect of becoming stranded.

This is how quickly things can go sideways from out of left field and the Australian government needs to get out in front of this, now. But course they won’t. The problem is, Labor is blinded by woke and green ideology and the Libs are just god awful, hopeless and too fragile, frightened and timid.

Of course the anti coal renewable huxters will bleat, squeal and moan that the government shouldn’t be interfering in the market. The rejoinder of course would be:

What the hell are subsidies to the renewable boondoggle if not interference in the market? A thumb on the scale, designed to effectively squeeze coal out of the market?