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Below is an extract from Rowan Dean’s column in today’s Daily Telegraph. This should be a compulsory read, particularly for all those in Bennelong with voting on their minds over the next 48 hours.
Read the entire thing here.
Make no mistake, what’s being orchestrated by all political parties with this hoax is a betrayal of our proud national heritage and everything that previous generations have fought, died, bled and paid taxes for. It is a fraud on an unimaginable scale and all based on the bogus and preposterous Climate Kool Aid. 
And they’re so proud of their work.
They blow up decommissioned power stations with the same mad eyed, frothing and insane orgasmic enthusiasm and alacrity as that of the ululating Taliban blowing up the Bamiyan Buddhas which again is not dissimilar to the way our insane cultural relativist political class had a collective orgasm with much ululating, hugging and kissing on the floor of parliament when they blew up traditional marriage along with freedom of speech and religious protections only a week ago. And again, they are so proud of their insane deeds.This is what we’re dealing with. What a low rent class of people.
It is deliberate vandalism at every level. Political, social, and economic. The single leading edge that Australia has in the international market place is the competitive advantage afforded us by our abundant supply of coal, gas and uranium.
If an external enemy of the state were setting out to totally trash and derail Australia’s hard fought for economy and lifestyle you’d be hard pressed to find a better way. We don’t have to worry about an external enemy of the state we have our own home grown right here working against the national interest.
Sam Dastyari was an amateur at selling us out. In fact a Chinese hegemon is looking good by comparison to our gaggle of smug and condescending but in reality totally incompetent, insecure and uncertain milquetoast pantie waists.
Bring on the blackouts, bring on the soaring power bills, bring on the revolution and rid us of these vile creatures.  Or to rework Shakespeare, ‘rid us of this turbulent political class ‘ 
READ ON — Rowan Dean: Power prices reach withering heights
“…..Welcome to the Australia of Malcolm Turnbull, Julie Bishop and the modern Liberal Party.
Welcome to the Australia of Bill Shorten, Labor and the Greens.
Welcome to the Australia of AGL, Energy Australia, Origin and all the “renewable” energy providers.
Welcome to the Australia of all those pompous, smug, posturing, sanctimonious ABC-watching luvvies who happily parade their climate change “beliefs” while sneering at the dignity and wellbeing of the army of Annettes, Paulines, Charlies, Reginalds and others across our land struggling to pay for electricity.
Earlier this year, Australian ­Energy Regulator figures revealed some 60,000 households are on ­electricity hardship payments and ­another 150,00 customers are on special plans.
The number of disconnections has soared, and consumers are paying two or even three times more than they did a decade ago for their quarterly bills.
the cost of energy can literally be a matter of life or death. As the Salvos announced yesterday, soaring power bills are one of the main reasons why an extra million kids won’t be getting a Chrissy present this year.
How ironic that the greatest ­betrayal of the post-war generation occurred in Paris in 2015, a century after Gallipoli.
That’s when Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop signed Australia up to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, condemning an entire generation of Australians to ridiculously high energy costs.
This they did without even bothering to ask the people.
A year later, Mr Turnbull and Ms Bishop ratified this great betrayal on the day Donald Trump was sworn in as President. The sick twist is that Mr Trump won the election by promising to withdraw America from the Paris Agreement, which he has now done.
The even sicker twist is that our own chief scientist, Alan Finkel, ­admits that nothing Australia does can make any difference whatsoever to lowering global temperatures.
Even if the climate change scare is real (which I doubt), our efforts are completely pointless.
So while Mr Trump takes care of his people by pushing energy prices down, Mr Turnbull and Ms Bishop deliberately betrayed our ­Paulines and Ann­ettes by guar­anteeing their bills will ­always be way higher than they should be…”