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The closure of Eraring power station and others across Australia before 24/7base-load alternatives are in place and proven and committing the economy to unreliable renewables, subject to the vagaries of the weather is driven by mindless green left ideology.


And still nuclear doesn’t rate a mention.


As bad as the Liberals maybe, the election of the equally green, left, Labor Party, held hostage by the Greens and coterie of vague and ditzy “Drs Wives”, committed to whatever feels good, this insanity combined with an equally insane commitment to the whims of the likes of the World Economic Forum, it will only be turbocharged and ramped up.


And now, to add napalm to the energy dumpster fire, woke billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes is pitching for AGL to further speed up the exit from coal.


There’s no other way to frame this pitch other than an essential service is about to become the ideological plaything of the uber wealthy who have the capacity to shield and insulate themselves from any short comings of renewables that rely on the weather gods, whether that be via his personal, domestic generation plants or the massive increase in the cost of electricity.


Either way he’s covered and to hell with the little people.


And of course as a player in the renewable space, the bonus of massive subsides courtesy of the taxpayer.


This corporate chess move also plays into and reinforces my thesis as to why the government should never sell the ABC, because you can never predict who will buy it or how they will harness it or repurpose and transform it for their own ideological ends.


If we are so committed to this economic and energy suicide, before we take it any further, perhaps as an experiment and a test of the grid, we should allocate several days or an entire week and wind down coal fired electricity output to replicate the effect of the closure of Eraring.


Ideally the trial(s) would be conducted during peak summer and winter to get the full impact of the renewable folly.


We could all prepare weeks in advance to ride out this lab experiment and gain an understanding of what’s in store. It may sound like an insane idea but then jumping straight in with no fall back or lifeline would be even more so which seems to be the direction we’re headed.

Up until now renewables have had a free ride and haven’t be put to the test as a stand alone concept. They’ve been able to hide in the shadows as a romantic, niche and boutique idea while coal has been getting its hand dirty doing the base load heavy lifting.

It’s time to put renewables in the dock before its too late. But that won’t happen.

The first taste we’ll get of how dumb this is, is when it’s too late.

What we need is not so much alternative energy but alternative politicians.