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Goodness me!! The Environmentalists and the U.N. are pushing a globalist agenda? Who knew?


For someone on top of the issues, I am disappointed that Peta Credlin was seemingly at least, unaware of Agenda 21, Local Agenda 21 (state and local government level) and Agenda 30 with no mention of either in the body of the column. Advising readers almost as an after thought, to read up on Agenda 30 ‘before it’s too late’ is way too little and way too late.


That horse has well and truly bolted.


Where were you in this when you were close to the seat of power and Agenda 30 was being formulated and then formally adopted in 2015? Agenda 21 and 30, didn’t just drop out of the sky in 2015. Agenda 21 has been part of the UN’s globalist agenda for the last 27 years, since the Rio Earth Summit of 1992.


It’s been no secret and now it’s all too little, all too late and pretty much game over.

The left side of our polity signed on and bought into this to this from the get go in 1992 and the conservative side is either too lazy or just totally ignorant of it. I suspect a straw poll of the run of the mill, vanilla and beige, conservative politicians would draw a blank.


Meanwhile the average voter is clueless and totally unaware of what has been and is being planned for them at U.N. HQ. although I suspect they may have gotten a sense of it with the “Scoldilocks” Thunberg circus at the UN,  the associated Thunberg inspired climate strike and the antics and agenda of Extinction Rebellion.


Unfortunately the cognoscenti and mainstream media hacks have either ignored, played down or written it off as mere late night radio fare or an hysterical, One Nation, tin foil hat conspiracy theory, but a quick Google of the UN would have found it hiding in plain sight under the cloak and the umbrella of sustainability and every intrusive and conceivable environmentalist trick and agenda that hangs off the rubric of sustainability, including the total reworking of the world economy, for nearly the last three decades.


Now people can see it coming over the horizon and well and truly looming into view, taking shape, taking over as it barrels down the track like a runaway train in the form of climate change hysteria and declarations by local governments of ‘the sky is falling’ climate emergencies, climate crisis and the climate existential threat and are starting to get a handle on what it’s really all about.


Now everyone, including conservative commentators and the political class have twigged and all of a sudden put themselves out as experts.


Where the hell were you and the conservative political class when the rest of us were belling the cat and talking about it decades ago?




A long time ago, it was actually about the environment. Coming out of the Industrial Revolution, we realised the pendulum of development had shifted too far one way, and we corrected it by revaluing what we had lost — clean skies, green space and unpolluted waterways.

As a conservative, I’ve always been pro-conservation, and at heart, I’d say most of us are conservationists Too, at least in the true sense of the word, which is why poll after poll says people care about so-called green issues.

But never mistake green issues for green politics or its latest manifestation, green activism. And forget it’s got anything at all to do with the environment.

Today’s green movement is nothing more than 21st-century socialism. Having failed to convince the people that changing their system of governance to a socialist model was the way to go, the cunning ideological warriors of the Left are now intent on doing it by stealth using the guise of environmental issues to deliver their agenda of political system change.

Sounds like radical stuff doesn’t it? Like I’m drafting a plan for a takeover of the university student union or something equally unimportant in the whole scheme of things, but this is real, it is global, and it relies on all of us being too busy getting on with our lives to piece together what’s really happening.

The key to all of this, of course, is the UN and the billion-dollar money men who sit behind the causes of the Left, and the trillions of institutional dollars, controlled by industry super funds here or powerful foundations overseas, who now dictate to corporations a whole series of social agendas that they must follow, and fund, in order to “maintain their social licence” to operate.

Being a green workplace is no longer enough, now a company must aim to remove fossil fuels from its entire business model (eg BHP).

Being a pro-diversity workplace is no longer enough, now a company must promote gender ambiguity, drop pronouns, and make toilets unisex.

Being a workplace tolerant of all faiths is no longer the aim, now companies must join the general denigration of religion, with Christianity a particular target.

Look at what happened at the UN General Assembly in New York last week. A young girl was used by the Socialist Left to heighten a sense of global panic about climate change, a cause that in 2019 has little to do with conservation and is merely the vehicle to drive massive wealth redistribution and the Left’s overall economic agenda.

Following her artful performance, we had a US president argue for the right of sovereign nations to be nations, to remain patriotic and, while wanting to be good global citizens, to be unashamed about growing their economies and improving the lives of their own people.

This message of nationhood was countered by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who deplored “fierce nationalism” and argued for a more “globalist” view. This was hardly surprising given that she was once elected president of the International Union of Socialist Youth.

And we had our own PM speak, hitting back at the climate terrorists who are tireless in their demonisations in Australia, despite the fact we are responsible for less than 1.5 per cent of global emissions, are a record investor in renewables, and, having signed the Paris Agreement, are one of only a few countries actually implementing it.

But Australia’s emissions aren’t the real game here. It’s about shutting down Australia’s fossil fuel exports to shut down commerce and development offshore, and, in the mind of the activist, pulling back capitalism around the world and levelling the income playing field.

Then comes caps on what people can earn, open borders, a universal wage, whether you work or you don’t … you get the drift.

Whether you like Donald Trump or not, what he argued for at the UN last week is the bedrock of our global order and should be unremarkable — the concept of a nation state. What Ardern’s “globalists” want instead is a world where borders are fluid, where effort is no longer rewarded, and where the individual, and the family, matter less and government matters more.

And generation Greta? They’re nothing more than gormless pawns in the whole chess play.