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Question — If the self-flagellating, pious, high priests of politics and the commentariat with their conscientious ignorance and willful stupidity, were so deeply troubled and concerned about government intervention in the market, where were they when the government was intervening, distorting and dismantling the market at the very beginning with mechanisms like the RET, to shove coal aside in favour of the boutique fantasies of renewables, ten or twelve years ago?

Answer — They were missing because THAT particular intervention was couched in the politically correct and approved, childish pursuit of unhinged, blind ideology designed as it was, to deliberately destroy Australia’s coal fired electricity generation capability built up over generations.

Government intervention broke it causing a market failure. Governments therefore own it. Government intervention is therefore required and obliged to fix it, make good and restore the system they broke.

As I’ve said many times if the political class and the commentariat didn’t have double standards they’d have no standards.


To illustrate the total futility of our self-righteousness and self-inflicted all pain, no gain trajectory and the demonization of coal fired power, according to the UN’s own climate model IF every nation that signed up to Paris genuinely sticks to their commitment and promise, the reduction in co2 emissions will result in a reduction in the worlds temperature by 2100 by less than 0.2 degrees.

Given what we’re going through that should make every Australian regardless of political stripe very, very angry.