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Nick Xenophon said recently that the gay marriage issue has been dragging on unnecessarily for far too long and it was time to put it to bed. Well, yes Nick, you’re right. It could have been done and dusted back on Feb 23 with the plebiscite. So who is at fault here?

That’d be you, Nick and your politics of obstruction in the senate.

There a lot of people like Xenophon saying that this is a fifth order issue.
Now I think, and I suspect the majority thinks it is actually a first order issue and I’ll tell you why.
The destruction of the traditional family, was a driving ideology of Marx and Engels and people have got to understand that this same Marxist agenda still has a pulse today. It’s in the DNA.

With the same aim and objective, what better way to achieve that end than to diminish, dilute, redefine and destroy traditional marriage.
To smash, trash and traduce the primary and vital, holy grail, the lynch pin institution of ALL societies and cultures, traditional marriage.

In Gramci’s March Through The Institutions, traditional marriage is simply just another institution, a bedrock institution to be marched through. It’s another brick out of the wall of society. Remove enough bricks, weaken the wall and the wall will eventually collapse.

Combine it all with the social engineering, gender bending issues of penis tucking and breast binding being promulgated by Safe Schools and mainstream society, the push by the left for open and uncontrolled borders and off the leash uncontrolled multiculturalism and the non discriminatory freak show society has become and the future is clear — and it’s ugly. A dystopian nightmare.

Just as with climate change what this entire gay marriage debate has exposed is that from top to bottom, right across society there are millions of naive and gullible useful idiots, some of the them family and friends who buy the argument that this is about equality.
It isn’t about equality. It never has been about equality. The people who believe that are also likely to also fall for the Nigerian Bank scam.

Civil unions already exist that afford all the exact same legal and financial obligations, responsibilities, benefits and protections of traditional marriage.

Just how Global Warming changed from Global Warming to Climate Change, Gay Marriage has morphed into Marriage Equality. Orwell would love this slippery and manipulative use of language.
It’s all been part of a well thought out positioning and marketing plan and millions of people have tumbled right into it.

Any move to have this bedrock issue decided by 150 parliamentarians with the community at large not being consulted can expect it to be regarded as illegitimate by probably half of the population.

Despite the bluster about the polls I’d suggest 70 to 75%.

Show me a supporter, both gay and straight, of marriage equality and I’ll show you a useful idiot who hasn’t been paying attention to what’s going on and what this is really all about.

Best way to settle this is to put the plebiscite up again to the senate, let them knock it over again then go to a dd. That would be a nightmare for the rainbow lobby and the left.
The very thing they don’t want. It would be the ultimate plebiscite that would keep them awake at night.