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Good one Australia, giving the thumbs up from inside your teary, emotional, uninformed bubble to something without knowing or even wanting to know the detail or understanding the fine print. (or lack thereof).
Having established a beachhead and less than 48 hours after last weeks vote, the Rainbow Gestapo activists are on the move to their next phase like Rommel’s tanks fanning out and rolling across North Africa.
And because all the freedom of speech and religious freedom amendments were voted down and in the case of Turnbull, not even prosecuted despite his rhetoric to the contrary as recently as the previous weekend, parents will not have the right to withdraw their kids from classes. They’ll just have to suck it up. Tough!!! And those who suggested this was the beginning of the slippery slope to a turbo charged safe schools have been proved correct less than a week after the passage of the legislation.
Meanwhile with only 6 or 7 hours in the school day, while we’re teaching this crap, our education standards are collapsing as we trail the likes of Kazakhstan on all assessment indices.  We have marriage equality, now we need LGBTQI+-inclusive sexuality education in schools 
“…The marriage equality bill has passed, and the mandate to deliver inclusive sexuality education in schools is more pressing than ever. LGBTQI+-inclusive sexuality education should embrace diversity in the classroom, the staff-room and in whole-of-school policies…”