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The iconoclastic left refers to the realities they abhor and wish to tear down or change as “a social construct” and therefore of no consequence, or simply an invented phenomena and thus out of fashion with the belief systems de jour and up for a capricious and fanciful redefinition. 

It’s an impulse born out of sheer, “when you wish upon a star”, narcissistic conceit, that they can change the world and bend reality on a say so. 

My question is this. 

What could be more of a “social construct” than the totally confected and invented delusion of identity and that merely identifying as something you are clearly not, means you are that thing? 


That’s what kids do when they jump off the roof of the garage identifying as and believing they’re superman and can fly. 

Most people grow out of these fantasies and childhood imaginings, some don’t. Some, looking for excuses to explain away their inadequacy and the failure of their miserable lives, actually revert to their thumb sucking indulgent childhood. 

Some people just need a nappy change. 


READ ON — When Asked ‘What Are Your Pronouns,’ Don’t Answer.  A seemingly innocuous question masks a demand for conformity with a regressive ideology.  

 “…While being subjected to constant rituals of pronoun exchanges may seem silly or annoying at best and exhausting at worst, in reality participating in this ostensibly benign practice helps to normalize a regressive ideology that is inflicting enormous harm on society. To understand why, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with its core tenets.

Proponents of gender ideology have completely decoupled the terms “man,” “woman,” “boy” and “girl” from biological sex. Gender ideology teaches that the terms “man/boy” and “woman/girl”—and their corresponding “he/his” and “she/her” pronouns—refer to a person’s gender identity, while “male” and “female” refer to biological sex. While you may define a woman as a female human adult, gender ideology contends that a “woman” is an adult of either sex who simply “identifies” as a woman.

 Coercing people into publicly stating their pronouns in the name of “inclusion” is a Trojan horse that empowers gender ideology and expands its reach. It is the thin end of the gender activists’ wedge designed to normalize their worldview. Participating in pronoun rituals makes you complicit in gender ideology’s regressive belief system, thereby legitimizing it. Far from an innocuous act signalling support for inclusion, it serves as an implicit endorsement of gender ideology and all of its radical tenets.

 The effort to resist gender ideology is reality’s last stand. We simply can’t ignore fundamental realities of our biology and expect positive outcomes for society. Pronoun rituals are extremely effective at normalizing and institutionalizing the abolition of biological sex in favor of gender identity. These rituals take advantage of people’s confusion and compassion to achieve compliance. But the time for politeness has long passed. The only proper response to the question “What are your pronouns?” is to reject the premise and refuse to answer…”