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Random Note #197,542

The government needs to call out the pseudo intellectual, anti vaxers on the framing of their ideological pursuit as a slippery and deceptive freedom of choice issue and reframe it as a child welfare, child endangerment issue just as they do with kids locked in cars on a hot summers day, seat belts, bike helmets, smoking and drug use around kids, child sexual abuse and bullying.

They should be casting the anti vaxers as nothing but anti deluvian throwbacks. They shouldn’t be engaged with or given any kind of forum or any kind of credence in any media but rather vilified, excoriated and humiliated as the reprehensible and irresponsible social vandals that they are, happy to cause damage to those they’re supposed to protect.

The argumemt that there should be no compulsion is specious as it overlooks the fact that we already have compulsion in many areas of life. Not just those above like bike helmets and seat belts but also in education, the very forum where kids mix and mingle. Kids are compelled to go to school whether it be the local public or even home schooling..

Holding the kids out in an arguement of freedom of choice is just using the kids as a human shield for the parents bitter idealogical battle.

For the child it’s not freedom OF choice but freedom FROM choice.

“…They congregate on social media, challenging facts and muddying evidence, until everything comes with a question mark.

Australia’s anti-vaccine movement, known as anti-vaxxers, has been very effective in spreading their scientifically debunked messages. Harvesting the power and reach of the internet, they use guerrilla social media techniques to skew what the medical community does not even consider a debate.

The names of journalists and bloggers who question the work of the movement, or disparage it, are shared on websites and among followers, as people to avoid.

The AVN offers a “buddy service”, where believers are paired with parents attending doctor appointments, “so you don’t get bullied into vaccinating against your will”. It has also joined forces with international groups, where the movement has gained greater traction and actively lobbies politicians…” Australia’s anti-vaxxer movement using tried and true methods to instil fear and doubt