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Could someone explain how the eighty percent (that’s the actual number) of indigenous people who work and play and live out ordinary lives alongside their fellow Australians in cities, suburbs and towns aren’t already represented in parliament?

As for the remaining twenty percent that live in remote areas they too are represented but unfortunately the ‘loudest voice in the room’ of the educated, gentrified and urban indigenous elites who are more proximate to the state and federal centres of power and who have no understanding and seemingly no care of their brethren’s circumstances, drown them out.

Yesterday Ken Wyatt, the indigenous Minister for Indigenous affairs issued a challenge to city-based indigenous organisations and accused them of being disconnected from the reality of daily life for disadvantaged Aborigines in remote and regional Australia.

Wyatt asked ‘..when was the last time you sat with a group of indigenous people in the community instead of your own organisation?’

That’s the problem right there, it seems to me.

The fact that the queen of the gentrified indigenous elites, Linda Burney says the no case in any referendum shouldn’t be funded at all should give pause for thought, chill the blood and speaks volumes and is an indication of the attitude of that same urban aboriginal elite.

Talk about give the game away. What kind of democratic exercise would it be that doesn’t fund both sides of a referendum question.

This entire push is one of the elites, by the elites and for the elites