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The term ‘institutional racism’ although American in origin and seems to be taking root, like so many other things from terms like ‘first nations’ (from Canada), institutional racism will more stridently find it way into the Australian lexicon on the back of the talk about deaths in custody, constitutional recognition and treaties.

But in the American context for now:

If America is “systemically racist” how is it that with a white judge and predominantly white jury and white prosecutors and defence counsel, the court arrived at Derek Chauvin verdict as it did?

If America is systemically racist, how is it that this systemically racist, nation voted for a black man as president…..twice and the current VP and President in waiting, Harris, is a woman of colour?

If America id institutionally racist, how is it that the Secretary of State under President George W Bush, Condoleezza Rice was both a woman and an African American?

If America is systemically racist, how  is it that millions are trying to gate-crash the southern border to become a citizen of such a systemically racist nation?

It all leads one to conclude that if America is systemically racist, they’re not very good at it.

Finally, given that all the major institutions in America, social, cultural and political, the bureaucracy and that arts etc, are controlled by the left and the left is in charge of ‘the system’, to the extent that it exists, it is their systemic racism. They own it.

The term ‘systemic racism’ is simply designed to force those accused, in this case an entire nation, to prove a negative. It is deliberately designed to be similar to wrestling with a column of smoke.

No one can identify it or point to it anywhere outside of individual racists, where it actually exists within the system so therefore, if institutional, systemic racism, by it’s very nature is everywhere, then it’s nowhere.

In fact the exact opposite of systemic racism has been outlawed since 1964 with the introduction of the Civil Rights act.

It’s against the law. It simply does not exist.