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These people are just plain creepy. 

Why the obsession with four and five year olds to begin with? It can only be that they‘re trying to normalise the idea that this age group know and intuitively understand gender and sex and what it all, means.

In reality, it’s about setting them up for exploitation. It’s worth asking the question again.

Why the obsession?

This is about coaching and grooming. Not so much the kids themselves but the adults. Get them across the line and the rest will fall into place.

Notice too, the serious, reasonable sotto voce and the platform of a TEDx talk complete with bow tie to lend cachet and credibility.

And in an art gallery too in an endeavour to further enhance their integrity and create an atmosphere of reasonableness, certainty and intellectual and academic authority in an endeavour to move their deviance into the Overton window of what is politically doable and acceptable.

Normalising and intellectualising the criminal and creepy. That is what this is all about.