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I’m fascinated that there is very little being said about the resurrected Obama, Iran nuclear  deal that, believe it or not, is being negotiated by Russia on behalf of Biden and America at this very moment when global tensions with Russia at war with Ukraine are at a peak..


That’s right. It’s difficult to comprehend but with everything else going on with Russia and Ukraine, Russia is moonlighting as a go-between for America to ensure that the mad mullahs of Iran get nuclear weapons.


What diseased mindset would think this is a good idea?


How long then, seeing they’re on the same side, (Shia Islam) before Hamas, Hezbollah and even ISIS 2.0 have access to some form of nuclear weapon courtesy of their death to America, death to Israel patrons, Iran ?


How will that end?


And if Shia Iran and the rest have nukes, how long before Sunni Saudi Arabia and Sunni Syria and all the other permutations of Islam has nuclear weapons? What about our own neighbourhood and the most populace Muslim nation in the world, Indonesia? Don’t think it can’t happen there too.


The greatest contribution Trump made to peace in the Middle East was to overturn the Iran nuclear deal and then create the Abraham Accords. That is now all being deliberately unpicked by Biden.


This all started with Obama with the JCPOA  (The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) initiated with Iran in 2015 with many of the restrictions due to sunset or end between 2026 and 2031. Trump quite rightly overturned the arrangement but now Biden has resurrected it.


The Iran, hate America, death to America crowd are in simpatico and have an affinity with the American, hate America, death to America crowd.