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Anthony Albanese and Labor’s election branding bumper sticker and cliché of “Build Back Stronger” sounds remarkably like Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better”.

The provenance of Build Back Better (stronger)  is word for word straight from the World Economic Forum’s Davos agenda and their great global reset of the world economy where you’ll own nothing and be happy.

At this moment in history the elites see a glass half full with a global economic meltdown, kicked along, first by covid and now turbocharged by an oil crisis, a looming food crisis, climate catastrophism and panic and war in Ukraine, as Manna from heaven.

Combined with the discombobulating and disorienting unravelling and trashing of everything familiar — identity, gender, history and culture and with China and Russia both suddenly rampant with Iran getting a second wind, they see this alignment of the stars as their big opportunity to finally at last, usher in their shining city on a hill with the great global reset but what will be a new dark age and dystopian future for everyone else.

Are we paying attention yet?