There would seem to be some striking parallels between Karl Stefanovic and Salim Mehajer.


Remember how It was the flashy but trashy Mehajer wedding complete with arrival by helicopter on to a suburban street that precipitated public and community interest and the associated tabloid and magazine treatment which in turn triggered the scrutiny of the tax office and other instrumentalities that resulted in the great unravelling of boy wonder?


Right now, thanks to the high profile generated by the wedding and the subsequent scrutiny, boy wonder sits in jail and won’t be out until March.


Ditto Stefanovic —


There’s the high profile expensive, flashy and (probably) trashy celebrity wedding in Mexico with seven bridesmaids and thousands of fairy lights and all the associated tabloid and magazine treatment. And then the entire thing unravels with King Karl boned even before he’s back in Australia.


The moral would seem to be in both cases, keep your head down, don’t draw attention to yourself by strutting your personal life for the sake of another tabloid headline and be a little more circumspect, cautious and modest with your lifestyle in general (particularly) your weddings and particularly when your ratings are poor, giving the boss all the opportunity he needs to hold you up to the light and take a closer look at what he’s paying and what he’s getting in return.