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One thing that the three former Prime Ministers Keating, Rudd and Turnbull have in common is that they were in many respects, total narcissistic and preening failures and woefully out of sync with mainstream Australia.

They exemplify your typical, wealthy, globalist elites who insist they know what’s best.

Always underestimating and second guessing the hard wired and innate intelligence and ability of the average Australian with their finally attuned and calibrated bullshit detectors to figure things out for themselves, they are the woulda, coulda, shoulda and gunna of the political class.

All three were and still are, tinned eared with a dorky and goofy awkwardness and inability to read the room and connect with ordinary Australians. Think, the trivial. Turnbull, kitted out in a Drizabone and RM Williams, breasting the bar and holding a beer like a wineglass, or Rudd wearing a Stetson or some similar act to try and fit in as one of the boys and connect with ordinary everyday bushies.

It just doesn’t work. Stop it!!!

The simple lesson of life is, if you have to try, or you can’t, don’t.

They just don’t get the people they were supposed to be representing and so in the words of Richo, “sooner or later the mob work you out” and they did.

Yet so dazzled and blinded by their own towering egos, that all three believe that we are remotely interested in their collective ruminations years, (decades in Keating’s case) after they’ve left office, on everything from climate to China to the scrapping of the Turnbull inspired, retrofitted diesel sub deal.

By way of example, Rudd wrote scathingly in Le Monde, last month when he condemned the “gross mishandling” of the decision to scrap the French contract in favour of a new nuclear submarine fleet as an Australian “foreign policy ­debacle”.

I think history will record that the jettisoning of the sub deal as a masterstroke, as it paves the way for nuclear power more broadly and particularly as an energy source for Australia.

History will record both Turnbull and Rudd wrong. Again!!! Turnbull for inking the deal in the first place and Rudd for decrying the dumping of the deal.

If we could only harness their bs, bluster and bloviating as an alternative wind energy source, ScoMo could confidently commit and declare net zero emissions for Australia by 2050.

Without doubt Australia’s most successful, living PM of the last generation or two, John Howard very rarely speaks out on anything and only when asked.

His stoney silence speaks volumes.