Sorry kids, the problem is not Co2, the problem is YOU in all your naivety, gullibility and soft headed, incurious detachment from reality.

You lack wisdom, experience, scepticism and judgement because your critical faculties and bullshit detectors aren’t fully formed and functioning, so stay out of it.

If they were you would realise that you’re being manipulated, mugged, intellectually kiddie fiddled, and used as human shields by your supposed educators, the education bureaucracy and union hacks who have no compunction in putting you on the front line as cannon fodder to achieve their globalist agenda and political aims.

You need to focus more on your main game and should go on strike again NEXT Friday to protest against your teachers and the education establishment over your dismal results with the UN Education report in June 2017 ranking Australia at 39 of 41 in reading, maths, and science with only Romania & Turkey behind you.

One hundred years on, you are being used as Vladimir Lenin’s useful idiots. And from the 1960’s, Mao Tse Tungs Red Guards.

(I assume you’ve heard of them. Probably not though because you’ve been sooo busy, flat out with this climate thing. Look them up some time. Lenin killed about 60 million of his own people and Mao killed 45 million of his own in 4 years in “The Great Leap Forward.” For some perspective the entire worldwide death toll in WW2 was 55 million.)

However I digress.

You’ve been led up an education blind alley. Led astray and Pied Piper-ed into an intellectual cul de sac. (yeah, I know. Who??)

Here’s a tip. When you’re in pedagogical hole, (yeah I know. A what?) stop digging and start thinking. Preferably, critical thinking, using you’re god given capacity to observe, analyse, logically deduce and reason.

These weren’t always the natural order of things and great and good people fought hard for it in the 18th century during The Enlightenment. (Yeah, I know. The what?)

As the nineteenth century scientist Thomas Huxley once observed: scepticism is the highest of duties; blind faith the one unpardonable sin.

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