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On Tuesday it was revealed that Malcolm Turnbull had approached Kristina Keneally to be Ambassador to The Vatican. For some obscure reason, out of all the more than qualified women in Australia, Turnbull settled on Keneally, a former failed Labor Premier, as the best choice. Why? Such a consideration is up there with the Tony Abbott decision in 2013 to select Natasha Stott Despoja as the Ambassador for Women and Girls.
Apart from being Catholic, I’m hard pressed to think what Keneally’s qualifications actually are for such a gig. As NSW state Premier she was a total disaster both for the state and Labor, taking it to the largest swing (17%) against any party in Australian history.
As the record shows Keneally was appointed to the position of Premier as Eddies guurl by a cabal of shady characters, likely lads, factional hacks and arm twisters, including Joe Tripodi and Eddie Obeid (since jailed along with Ian McDonald) and more recently she was tapped as the celebrity candidate for Labor in Bennelong. Now apparently if that venture hits the rocks and sinks, it is  being suggested that she will get a limo ride into the senate to replace Sam Dastyari. Talk about win the lotto of life!!!
So with absolutely no stellar achievements in politics, business, or the public service, no particular skill set, dedication or effort, she is appointed Premier, considered as an ambassadorial appointment, tapped for Bennelong and appointed to the senate if Project Bennelong hits the wall. All without having to lift so much as a finger. 
So, tell me again about female fairness and inequality in the workforce? With so much good luck falling her way, many other, more eminently qualified women would be left wondering what the hell they have to do to get a break.