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Just like the NBN, Labor’s policy on border protection could be written on the back of a beer coaster.

Although packaged, marketed and grossly misrepresented under the misty eyed, misguided and emotionally charged, stalking horse of being a more compassionate and humane approach, it is, in reality, about importing a welfare dependent client base and victimhood, Labor voting cohort. 

Like a moth to the flame, Labor just can’t leave it alone and just like the definition of insanity, of doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result, they will again get severely charred and burned at the ballot box as their ideology clouds their judgement. 

To paraphrase Matthew 7:16:

“By their deeds you shall know them.” And indeed we do – 

Labor’s “deeds” and their open borders failure of 2007-13 goes like this: 1200 drowned at sea; 50,000 unlawful arrivals in more than 800 boats; 8000, that’s right, 8000 children in detention; and 17 detention centres opened.