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“Labor’s goal is to change Australia” — Be afraid. Be very afraid.

This single sentence from Anthony Albanese  should chill the blood and keep you awake at night. It’s a demonstration that Albo wants a legacy way beyond his abilities as an inner city, rabble rousing socialist.

Simon Benson in The Australian:- “Anthony Albanese has declared that Labor’s goal is to change Australia. This is a wide-reaching claim that goes beyond the election promise of safe renewal over revolution. Labor’s mission was to transform the nation, with Albanese conceding that to achieve this, he needed to take the nation with him. But the nation needs to know where it is going first”.

The last time a politician said something similar or anything like this was in 2008 when Barrack Obama spoke about his goal of the “fundamental transformation of America”

That’s working out well.

Change Australia? How? And to what?

What is it exactly that Labor doesn’t like and wants to change? And what if Australia doesn’t want to be changed?

His first attempt at his own version of “fundamental change”, reshaping, and laying the foundations, the first plank in Albo’s revolution, is coming soon with the voice referendum and the polls indicate that it’s not going too well.

We can only begin to imagine what his vision splendid may look like if the referendum is successful.

Open borders, a rundown broken and busted energy grid relying on the vagaries of the weather and unable to deliver baseload, more nose bleed debt, identity politics and if the voice were to get up, treaties, rent and reparations to a coteries of Aboriginal elites.