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In light of Labor’s brazen, bold but at the same time courageous (in the Yes Minister, crazy brave sense) commitment to zero net Co2 emissions by 2050, why don’t the Libs have the courage to double down and match them with their own commitment to a series of nuclear powers stations by, say, 2035 and a North Qld Snowy type program of turning back rivers as well?


Both of these programs would be seen and could be sold to the community, as costed, economy building infrastructure programs with a tangible cost benefit and Co2 mitigation and climate dimension while Labor’s could be coloured as an all pain, no gain agenda and characterised as an opaque and intangible job, business and economy destroying program of absolutely no benefit to the nation whatsoever and designed purely to appeal to a global agenda.


Why, oh why do the Libs make it so damn hard for themselves?


Take it to an election. I can tell you now which party would win.


But I guess that takes will, vision, imagination, commitment, courage, political smarts and gamesmanship, qualities that are sadly lacking and that the risk averse nervous nellies of the Liberal Party don’t have in too greater abundance.


For god sake, get into the ring you people.