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With the polls tightening and indicating a Labor victory and while the attention span drifts over the summer break ahead of the federal election in the first few months of next year, we need to project into 2022 and beyond under a Labor government and anticipate what’s in store.


None of it good.


Overall it will be a tectonic lurch to the far left, using the US Democrats as the working model.


There will be a greater emphasis on expensive, unrealistic and unachievable climate goals and the Davos, World Economic Forum inspired, build back better, great re-set, again like the US, all cheered on by the mainstream media like the ABC and 9.


Listen out for the acronym, D.I.E. and the buzz words, Diversity, Inclusion and Equity.


This is not new to Australian politics with the first iteration being when Julia Gillard when apoinited Minister for Inclusion, under Kevin Rudd.


There will be none of the old style, sensible, Labor hard heads like Joel Fitzgibbon or Jennie George to act as a counter conscience and under the bought and payed for lobbying and guidance of Labor elders like Kevin Rudd and Bob Carr and junior woodchucks like Sam Dastyari, there will be a closer geopolitical shift towards China and it’s Belt and Road Initiative with a concomitant shift away from our traditional alliances causing irreparable damage, particularly to our Anzus commitments.


Taiwan will be the first road test of this shift when that inevitably blows up, sooner rather than later.


Again, like the Democrats in the US, a Labor government knowing their polices will be unpopular and toxic to the electorate when they finally find out what they signed up for, will hit the platform running with a tsunami of out of the blue, head spinning, legislative shock and awe that the people didn’t anticipate or see coming in an endeavour to cement them in place before 2025.


Although ScoMo and his Bozo clown car of Libs don’t deserve to win, knowing what Labor has in its back pocket, the alternative would be a catastrophe and doesn’t bear thinking about.


Forget the re-packaging, re-branding, the marketing and the capped teeth of a trimmed down, match fit, fit for purpose and reimagined, Anthony Albanese, what you vote for will come nowhere near what you get.


Think of a vote for Albanese as the equivalent of a Nigerian bank scam or any one of a dozen other online shakedowns. By the time you’ve been mugged by reality it’s too late.


Don’t say you weren’t warned and informed.