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Blatant abuse and harassment aside, it seems that there is a common, mean, nasty, authoritarian and bullying streak running between climate change and the underlying message of the #metoo campaignstas.

The two are obviously unrelated but that nasty authoritarian streak or thread is that the sneering elites and those omniscient show business, media and political betters, who already believe that if they can just convince enough people, they can somehow rewire and reprogram the climate of the planet by changing the behaviour of humans, can now also rewire and reprogram the natural, neural and biological interplay between the sexes.

This is a natural, neural and biological interplay that has been part of what and who we are for thousands of years. It is part of the human DNA. It’s in the blueprint. It’s how it’s meant to be.
To think you are going to rewire and reprogram this is so far out there, on the very far outer reaches of the narcissistic universe.

And this idea that’s creeping in that office banter and flirting is equivalent to abuse or rape trivialises both abuse and rape.