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Reading the letters to the papers and the general commentary concerning My Health Record and considering all the information out there, the reaction by a lot of people seems more visceral than informed. Many if not most still don’t seem to be aware of the two most basic elements.

First, that it is totally controlled by the patient and, second, they can upload as little or as much information as they think would be necessary in an emergency necessary.

It all pivots on relevance.

Medications, (but not all) blood group, allergies, pacemaker and other relevant information a doctor in an emergency room on the other side of the country may need to know when you’re lying unconscious or in coma after a car accident. Your collapse in Woolworths while on holidays in North Queensland could be due to an event or surgery in Sydney last week. That information would be crucial for attending doctors to know.

They are going to need this regardless of your wishes or concerns and will be able to get it via other more circuitous, time consuming means.

In an emergency, time is one thing you don’t have in abundance.