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Because they can see their chances slipping away on November 3, on the basis that they have another dud candidate combined with the tendency of people in times of crisis not to vote out a leader over a crisis that they didn’t themselves precipitate, watch for the Democrats to try and impeach Trump again between now and November.

They’re just stupid enough and desperate enough to try it on.

This time  on the basis of corruption because although any multi-billion or trillion dollar stimulus spend would be to try and prop up, rescue and hopefully turbocharge the economy and Trump may well get a resulting polling uptick for his handling of the crisis while Biden stumbles around on stage during the primaries not knowing what day it is or what town he’s in, they will try and spin it that Trump is exploiting the Coronavirus and spending taxpayers money to benefit his own political fortunes.

As we’ve seen several times over the last three or four years with Spy-gate, Russia collusion, Ukraine collusion, Mueller-gate and a phony impeachment, these people and their media lackeys are desperate.

It was the Democrats very own Rahm Emmanuel, Obama’s Chief of Staff and a Clinton insider before that, who said in trying to harness the chaos and misery of the financial crisis of 2008 for political benefit:

“..Never let a serious crisis go to waste..”

So they’ve already made clear they possess nothing resembling a moral compass therefore nothing should surprise.

Watch this space.