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Every three years, we don’t so much have an Federal election as a Federal IQ test and this time it’s no different on the issue of transgender men in women’s sport.

A win on this issue alone should be a lay down misere for Liberal candidate, Katherine Deves in Warringah and the Libs more broadly and is a real test of intelligence over ideology and idiocy.

You would think Zali Steggall, given her sporting background at Olympic level would be all in and all over this and instead of the media pile on Deves, it should be on Steggall for her betrayal of women and women and girls sport from which she benefited greatly and which gave her, her profile.

But such is the corruption of much of the media.

Steggall’s weasel words speak volumes about just how weak, woke and beholden she has become and what an ineffective advocate she is for 50% of her constituents.

Deves position is an absolute no brainer in terms of overwhelming electoral support but never underestimate the Libs capacity to misread community sentiment and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.