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Whether it’s the ability of our health system to cope, the agenda of the globalists, our flirtation with China and the associated trade arrangements, the shuttering of our manufacturing industry over the last fifty years, our nose bleed indebtedness, mass unemployment or our strategic fuel reserves, a lot of different chickens are coming home to roost from a lot of different directions.

Our financial advisers and planners always suggest that we diversify our portfolio. This same expert and political class combined along with unaccountable bodies like FIRB (Foreign Investment Review Board) have done the exact opposite.

They have rolled the dice and bet the Australian economy on China. And China knows they hold the winning hand.


What could possibly go wrong?


Here’s a bet of my own:

Keeping in mind that it is the same, permanent Canberra bureaucratic mind-set and ‘expertise’ that crafted Australia’s China policy with very little push-back by an uninformed political class, I’m betting when this thing plays itself out, these same people, this same group of experts and ineffectual, milquetoast political hacks and empty suits, will simply hit the snooze button.


Despite all their high-minded rhetoric, nothing will change. It will be more political point scoring and blame shifting and a resumption of normal programming.


Below are a coupe of observations from citizen journalists by way of letters in the Australian which I think echo and amplify the thinking of most people:

First, these thoughts from Tim Fatchen of Mt Barker in South Australia —


“..There is much we will need to re-establish: medical and pharmaceutical certainly, but also light and heavy industry, rational mining development, reliable and cheap power (dare one mention nuclear?), education independent of overseas marketing. The virus wake-up call will be a deadly one, but perhaps this is the pandemic we had to have..”


And this from Geoffrey Luck of Killara, NSW —


”..Australia has a recession and it has to be allowed to do its work through the community, rooting out inefficient and wasteful businesses and non-productive jobs. The plethora of coffee shops, dog washers and nail bars is the boil on the economic body, grown fat and lazy on the earnings of the mining industry and the few businesses that make things. This is the opportunity for the government to promise to stick to its core duties and stop meddling in every aspect of private and social life. This is the wake-up call the country had to have — don’t waste it by subsidising failure…”