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As the 19th century French sociologist and philosopher, Auguste Comte observed, ‘demography is destiny’.

The blatant Biden move of open borders to the entire world, combined with chain migration, with scant criminal or health checks whatsoever, is about importing a new, loyal voter base, to replace your existing, but diminishing blue collar voter base that’s been betrayed after their party has been infested and hijacked by an educated, woke political elite.

Once hooked and dependent on welfare your new base will loyally vote for free stuff forever.

Why else would you do it when you already have myriad social problems of homelessness, drug abuse and crime out of control already?

In keeping with the philosophy of never letting a crisis go to waste (and if there isn’t one create one), it’s about deliberately creating, then exploiting another yet another crisis.

Out of chaos comes opportunity, as happened in 2020 with the exploitation of the covid pandemic and a whole range of under the radar, last minute, unconstitutional electoral rule changes before a vote was cast.

This time it’s about shamelessly rigging future elections in advance.

All above the radar, all in plain site and all on purpose.