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Interesting that for a sector of the political spectrum that rails against racism and supposedly subscribes to the enduring truth, dictum and general principle as expressed by Martin Luther King Jr, that “..we should judge a person, not by the colour of his skin but the content of their character..” the left and particularly The Greens,  certainly have a big problem with the Anglo culture and the colour white.

As we’ve seen in recent days and weeks their outrage over Peter Dutton’s reasonable suggestion concerning Australia accepting white farmers from South Africa as refugees, the Greens couldn’t get past the white bit and unleashed their inner racist.

The hypocrisy sucks the oxygen out of the room but I guess we shouldn’t be all that surprised though, when you consider that it was the left that were the slave owners in the US and we’re on the wrong side of history in the Civil War and in Australia it was the left, Labor and the unions that created and were the drivers of the White Australia Policy.

A Policy by the way abandoned, not by Gough Whitlam as Labor myth has it but by The Liberals who commenced the dismantling way back in 1949 when Harold Holt was Menzies very first immigration minister.