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A Random Note redux and reboot from September 1. 2013, a week out from the Abbott landslide. A lot has happened in the intervening 3 years and not all of it good.

Sunday morning random notes and idle thoughts from an idle mind..

So much for Labors slick and tricky chicanery, scamming and deception of the Australian people over the last six years. It took a little longer for some, but eventually the people, as they always do, finally figured you out.
Discounting the dead heat election and subsequent hung parliament of 2010, It was a case of “fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.”
This mistake is about to be corrected with the Labor virus that was downloaded in 2007 to be 100% uninstalled and purged from the body politic.
In a way we needed the wake up jolt of the Rudd, Gillard, Rudd experiment in our democratic life as a very expensive reminder and lesson to expose once and for all just how condescending smug and shallow the “progressive” hip and groovy children of the Whitlam revolution really are. Like the Potempkin villages of the late 18th century Russia they were just a canvas and plywood front, an artifice, behind which there was nothing of substance. A Hollywood western movie back lot. All tip and no iceberg.
What was initially thought to be meaningful colour and movement with 20/20 summits etc turned out to be just so much chaos and dysfunction.
Grand visions and equally grand statements, (the greatest moral challenge of our time) but in the end just so much theme park flim flam, fairy floss and meaningless gestures and drivel.
Labor supporters with memories of “Old Labor” like the rest of Australia, have been left disillusioned and betrayed as their party has been, cuckoo like, hollowed out and taken over by left wing economic, social and cultural ideologues vomited up by our universities, unions and the party machine. These inner city educated elites then combined their arrogant, sneering, overweening conceit with a general contempt for average Australians and inflicted themselves on an unsuspecting electorate in 2007 who thought a change from the relaxed and comfortable Howard years was a good idea at the time, and after just 6 years of their high-minded moral vanity and a minerals boom like never before, all we have to show for it is a sea of red ink.
I strongly suspect that the next Labor party prime minister hasn’t even been elected to parliament yet and this Saturday, hopefully for many many years, this rabble of a government will be relegated, cast out, to wander the wilderness to contemplate who they are, who they represent and what they stand for as the Labor Party becomes the equivalent of a fairground, a theme park attraction that people stopped coming to 20 years ago. Attractions left dilapidated, abandoned, and unwanted. A lonely, creaking, clapped out rusting hulk irrelevant to people’s lives. Cobwebs, dust and tumble weed.
Next Saturday it’s time to collectively scratch where we collectively itch… Next Sunday, the Herculean task of cleaning out the Augean Stables begins…