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The hypocrisy of the misty eyed luvvies of the human rights, refugee and feminist lobby and parts of the media seriously suck the oxygen out of the room.


In a case of a Paul Hogen-esque “that’s not a knife, this is a knife” scenario, we hear a great deal these days from overindulged, pampered, brainwashed and quite frankly, stupid Western feminists with their rote learned talking points about “the patriarchy” but perhaps the circumstances surrounding Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun with father and brother on her tail to drag her back to Saudi Arabia whether she likes it or not, will give some context and perspective and demonstrate what real as opposed to imaginary patriarchy looks like.


The interesting side bar to all of this is that  by the measure of the UN Human Rights Council itself, Saudi Arabia ranks 149. Even Angola, Bangladesh, Cameroon and Pakistan rank ahead of Saudi Arabia on Human rights. But somehow in 2013 and again in 2015, Saudi Arabia was seen fit to be elected to the council 


So by that measure quite obviously Saudi women are candidates for refugee status but it’s shameful such wide publicity and compassionate outpouring hasn’t been extended to South African and Zimbabwean farmers and christian,  Asia Bibi.


I guess their problem is that they’re white, they’re Christian and they’re just simple farmers and obviously not quite an exotic ‘other’ or intriguing enough to engage the interest of the cosseted refugee and feminist activists and wouldn’t fit well with the cosy panel on The Drum. Diversity has its limits after all.


The plight of farmers and their circumstances not quite as interesting or intriguing as the movie script of an eighteen year old woman, who having renounced Islam was on the run across the globe from a very real patriarchal situation involving stealing away in the dead of night to board a midnight flight from Kuwait, detained by Thai authorities whilst in transit, the intervention of Saudi diplomats and then personnel from the UNHCR after barricading herself and holing up in a Bangkok hotel