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In an effort to blame shift and move the focus, AMEO Chief Audrey Zebelman talks about the ‘declining reliability of coal and gas generators’. Just as with anything with moving parts, like your own car for example, if you don’t maintain and upgrade of course it will become unreliable.


The declining reliability of coal and gas generators she talks about, has been deliberate, orchestrated and political, as coal has never been unreliable as an energy source.


Higher electricity bills due to renewables have moved the needle to a certain degree but it is becoming increasingly apparent that even that hasn’t been enough to shake the fanatic belief in the renewables fairy.


It’s is physically impossible for the technology to deliver and store what the renewable romantics and aficionados believe possible to an ever growing, global population.


As is being demonstrated renewables can only ever supplement and be niche or boutique at best and even Bill Gates, no less, says that ‘there is no substitute for how the industrial economy runs today’ and that there needs to be a quantum advance in science before they can come anywhere near close to delivering what is necessary to displace hydrocarbons as an energy source.


In short, to use their own language back on the green left, renewables as a baseload power source are economically unsustainable and unreliable. Until pragmatism and sanity prevails it seems we are condemned to rolling summer blackouts, euphemistically referred to as load shredding and as more coal fired power stations are closed its only going to get worse.


If it means the blackouts and the associated temporary upset, disruption and inconvenience engages the attention of the political class, and pricks the bubble of the renewable romantics, bring it on.


The more, the sooner the better.