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What Australia and other western nations are doing to our economies with the mindless the pursuit of net zero is analogous to America’s laughable departure from Afghanistan except where America surrendered and left $84 billion in military hardware behind and on the ground for the enemy to pick over, like some council kerbside pick up, Western nations like Australia are laughably doing exactly the same by surrendering our entire collective economies and leaving them behind at the altar of climate change for our competitors and enemies like China to casually pick off and pick over what they don’t already control.

Here’s what is going to happen if we continue down this net zero, cul de sac and rabbit hole.

Having been bludgeoned into submission we will eventually see the wheels start to come off the economy and energy begin to flicker and splutter on and off intermittently like a busted fluorescent tube as the pressure of demand from increasing population grows and we become more dependent on unaffordable, unreliable and intermittent renewables.

Renewables simply can’t deliver what they promise. It is as simple as that and anyone who confidently says otherwise is selling snake oil. To use the language of climate catastrophists, renewables, in the face of increasing global population, are unsustainable. They simply can’t cope without a walking frame of baseload  power to support them.

Think about the various scenarios.

In the middle of the day, elevators and escalators stall between floors, traffic lights go out, fridges and freezers commercially and domestically will simply switch off. Your internet and tech gear? Forget it….

Just shut up, suck it up and accept the third world unpredictability and inconvenience as your new green normal.

Get used to the inconvenience brought to you by the elites and the expert class. It’s the grifters, rent seekers and carpet baggers on the renewable gravy train that are the real pandemic and the real virus.

It is 100% logical that if you hitch your energy wagon to the vagaries of the weather, which by its very nature is intermittent and unreliable then the energy produced by the weather, will,  by definition, be intermittent and unreliable.

The only guarantee about renewables is that they can only ever be 100% reliably, unreliable. They can only ever be a boutique add on to a base load of coal, gas or nuclear.

Why is this such a difficult concept to grasp? What the hell is wrong with people with their green wet dreams?

Do we really have to go there, only to find out we shouldn’t have gone there?

Would anyone jump out of a plane without a parachute and even then without a backup parachute, because without the backup of baseload power thats exactly what we’re doing.

There’s a delicious irony in the fact that COP26 is being held in Glasgow heading into a vicious northern winter. I hope they freeze.

As Peta Credlin writes today: 

“…As the UK is discovering, it’s all very well having more and more electricity provided by wind and solar, as long as there’s reliable baseload power to back it up — and, in the absence of nuclear, that still comes from coal and gas.

Then there’s the reality that China and India will make no commitment to net zero until they think they’ve caught up economically, so countries like Australia face years of disruption and expense while global emissions continue to rapidly increase…”