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Only a fool would dive into a body of water without a knowledge of its depth, currents and eddys or testing for submerged objects, so why are we prepared to shut down our coal fired energy before diving into a pool of renewables before testing its capacity to deliver 24/7 base-load energy?
Before going any further with this sleepwalk to insanity, we need to replicate the effect of closing Liddell, Bayswater, Eraring and others with several trial runs in peak winter and summer  by winding back their output for a few days to mimic life under 100% renewables.
Like all talk, renewables chatter is cheap as we’re constantly told that boutique and niche renewables are up for the challenge, ready for Broadway, can deliver and are cheaper than coal – in which case cancel the subsidies.
So let’s put all the incessant and loud renewables talk to the test and on centre stage before diving in.
It may sound like an insane idea but then jumping straight in with no fall back or lifeline would be even more insane and that seems to be the direction in which we’re headed.
Up until now, renewables have had a free ride and haven’t be put to the test as a stand alone concept.
They’ve been able to hide in the shadows as a romantic, niche and boutique idea while coal has been getting its hand dirty doing the base load heavy lifting.
It’s time to put renewables in the dock before its too late.