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With respect to those women piling on Robert Doyle, it’s easy to understand why the #metoo movement is running out of steam and losing credibility and we’re left to wonder in the case of Robert Doyle, just who are the real sexual harassers? In terms of proportionality, just how bad were his alleged crimes and misdemeanours? Do they warrant the witch hunt, the Salem like witch trial, public humiliation and hospitalisation we see unfolding?
Lets assume Doyle did “go the grope” or make a fumbled pass, I suspect fair minded Australians would find this coming out with accusations months and even years later to destroy a fellow human being, grotesque vengeance in the extreme and actually worse than the original “crime.”
In these enlightened times where women want to be treated seriously as equals, whatever happened to the idea of tit for tat as it were and giving as good as you get.
As with a child or a pet, a step out of line warrants discipline there and then so they understand that there are consequences. Their failure to respond instantly leads the perp to believe he got away with it and a danger to other women in the future.
A slap in response to a grope or if in company and its a thigh rub under the table, a private verbal thrashing at the first opportunity as what will happen if he tries it again.
With thoughts of heat and kitchens, it’s a rough and tumble world out there and coming out and piling on with accusations years after, over what prima facie seems like fairly mild offence(s) is not doing the cause of the sisterhood any good at all.