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I’m not well practiced in the dark arts of crystal ball gazing and prognostications but with respect to Safe Schools, the gender fluidity meme and the entire transgender agenda, I’m prepared to give it a go and suggest that in fifteen to twenty years, psychiatrist couches are going to be overloaded with a mental health epidemic because of the associated gender bending discombobulation, mind manipulation and general psycho-sexual mental abuse at the hands of the administration of the Safe Schools program.

It has become almost cult-like as it preys upon the naïveté, gullibility and vulnerability of the young. Aided and abetted as it is by a sneaky, sly and manipulative out of control deep state bureaucracy (here) at the behest of government for reasons of political correctness and identity politics and presented under the guise of tolerance and diversity but in reality designed to sow seeds of doubt and create anxiety and uncertainty in the young about gender and sexual identity and build a demographic and psychographic cohort of victimhood, so as to gain a political advantage.

In short, our kids are being used as canon fodder in the culture wars.

We can only hope that someone in the future will have the capacity to bring on a Royal Commission into this psycho-sexual abuse, no different to the Royal Commission into the institutional child sexual abuse by the churches or run a class action against the state and the programs facilitators and demand compensation and an apology similar to the Stolen Children.