In amongst all the infantile hysteria, static and certitude exhibited by the Uni Students for Climate Justice and Extinction Rebellion rally on Friday, that the bushfires have been caused by climate change, no one has bothered to ask and no one has bothered to explain the actual mechanics of how, the bush suddenly combusts all on its own.

It can’t ignite without an ignition source and it can’t burn without a fuel load.

Such a phenomenon of Moses and the burning bush is the stuff of the book of Exodus and biblical allegory and fairy tales.

Unless we have all become useful idiots, who have totally suspended our faculties of logic and reason with absolutely no sense of historical events of the Australian bush and mindlessly tumbled into the superstition and voodoo of the climate change induced bushfire phenomenon, we deserve to know and have explained to us, how this supernatural phenomenon of the biblical burning, Australian bush, actually works.

What is the mechanical process exactly of climate change causing bushfire combustion?

The unalloyed truth is, it doesn’t. It can’t.

Hot weather even abnormally hot weather and heat waves are exactly that. Weather. It is called summer and like the bushfires it is seasonal. No doubt if  we have a bumper ski season later this year, that too will be a product of climate change. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Australia has had many hot days and even weeks on end, of heat waves in various parts of the country over decades and even hundreds of years but not everywhere suddenly catches on fire. And certainly not at the same time. If climate change were a universal meteorological feature, than we could expect that this would occur but it doesn’t.

Were those massive bushfire events of the 19th and 20th century also caused by the climate change phenomenon, before climate change was a phenomenon?

What we’re witnessing in this ‘bushfires are caused by climate change‘ narrative, is the combination of an uneducated, naive and gullible youth who have absolutely no historical perspective and who are the products of drip fed, climate propaganda, adults driving a political agenda and a large, ‘useful idiot’ component that are intellectually lazy and incurious, who don’t read anything and will believe everything.

Whats required is more bushfire reason and logic and less mindless climate rhetoric and mantra.