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It’s a beautiful thing to watch the feral fulmination of the media over Donald Trump’s comments when he correctly described dysfunctional, corrupt and failed states as “shithole countries.“

The politically correct and confected outrage of the high priests of the media and the left can best be judged by the response to a classic gotcha question put to CNN political commentator, Joan Walsh by Rich Lowry, Editor of National Review, when in a heated exchange and holding her to her own standards, he asked Walsh which country she would you rather live in, Haiti or Norway?

Realising she’d been hoist on her own self righteous petard whichever way she answered, Walsh’s disingenuous response, given the choice between a first and third world country, was that she didn’t know.

This single exchange was a simple metaphor that exposed the high indignation of the media and their mindless cant, as just more of the same Trump derangement syndrome and demonstrated yet again that if the unhinged left media didn’t have double standards they’d have no standards.