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Amidst all the shameless politicisation, grandstanding, finger wagging, virtue signalling one-up-man-ship and general hysteria of the last 18 months over masks (or not) vaccines (or not and which one), vaccine passports (or not), screwups, stuff-ups and lockdowns we seem to have lost sight of the statistical reality

From the US CDC — Covid Survival Rate

0-19 years     —-   99.997%

20-49 years   —-  99.98%

50-69 years   —-  99.5%

70+ years.  —-   94.6%

For the record if you have bacterial pneumonia there’s a 14% chance you will die. Ebola a 50% chance. Are we seriously meant to believe that this entire thing isn’t pure politics, red in tooth and claw or as Shakespeare wrote just a lot of ‘sound and fury, signifying bugger all’