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The internet  inspired, Godwin’s law, holds that the first person to resort to the ad hominem, “Nazi,” in an online argument is the loser and although it doesn’t fall strictly within the intended meaning of Godwin’s law, from his performance on Q&A, metaphorically at least, Stan Grant is the loser by demonstrating he’s ill equipped for the job by not being able to deal opposing viewpoints.
Again, metaphorically, Grant is the one who threw the tantrum, took his bat and ball and stormed off. What’s the point of Q&A if not robust, countervailing points of view.
”I’m not comfortable with you being here. Could you please leave”.
Seriously? With such delicate and fragile sensibilities, what kind of a sook is Grant? By not engaging Stan Grant displayed the paucity of his intellectual capacity?
He needs to take time out for contemplation and seek refuge and counselling in the ABC’s plasticine equipped, safe space and rubber room.
He obviously doesn’t quite get the concept of Questions and Answers.