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The circumstances surrounding the raped two year old toddler at Tennant Creek again highlights the diabolical and kryptonite issue created by the perpetrators of the stolen generation meme. So politically charged, politically correct, toxic and totemic has it become as an issue, the political class and the media have been badgered and brow beaten into silence.

If Bill Shorten and Labor are pledging $75,000 for each survivor of the stolen generation then this little girl is entitled to $75,000 for NOT being “stolen.”

Yes, children were removed, just as this toddler should have been, most definitely. Stolen and everything that implies, most definitely not.
The idea of an actual stolen generation is as preposterous as it is monstrous.
Why would anyone do that? Why would anyone steal a child? Qui bono. “Who benefits.”

Even the courts have been unable to satisfy themselves that the best cases brought before them have had any merit . The stolen generation narrative has the combined hallmarks of Orwell, Marx and Goebbels.

It is Orwellian in as much as that the underlying idea was to flip an original good intention to remove children from out of harm’s way and give them a future and label it bad.

It is Marxist in as much as the dishonest and brutal language implying theft was deliberately chosen with the intention of  creating national doubt and designed to be divisive, sow discord and disharmony whilst undermining the nations confidence as well as smearing, besmirching and shaming previous generations of Australians and our belief and pride in our combined heritage.

And it is Goebbels like, in as much as it is the monstrous lie that repeated often enough, has become the truth. As Mark Twain said, “it’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”